A Complete Guide to Choosing Pergola for Rainy Weather


Pergola for Rainy Weather

Australian homeowners enjoy warmer and sunny days almost for the entire year. Most take the opportunity to bask in the sun and enjoy the warmer atmosphere or organise a small BBQ party with their close ones. One of the best ways to make the most of the weather outside – sunny – is to install a pergola. Pergolas are a perfect outdoor addition that allows you to enjoy the fresh air and organise family get-togethers without worrying about soaring temperatures. The open rafter on top ensures an ample amount of sunshine and even distribution of cool air. But what happens during rain? Experiencing a sudden downpour – while enjoying the sunshine – can rain on someone’s parade (literally!) and ruin the time outside.

As with the case of a pergola, homeowners often contemplate calling pergola builders near me and installing these additional features in their properties during monsoon due to the wide open-rafter roofing, which may leave plenty of chances for the rain to pour down on you and your guest. However, with correct installation, protection, and utilising additional features, you can manage to install pergolas and enjoy your company even during heavy downpours!

In this article, we have highlighted some benefits and considerations of pergolas and how you can make the most of this outdoor additional feature to enjoy spending time outside when raining. Let’s start with:

Weather Protection for Pergola

Most homeowners are unaware of the additional features that come with a pergola installation. These additional features enhance your experience and simplify the task of protecting the pergola from heavy rain or winds. For instance, you can install a pergola with a built-in gutter system to ensure proper drainage and reduce the chances of rainwater accumulation on the top of a flat roof. Furthermore, these features reduce the likeliness of leakage or sudden downpour and provide ample rain protection to you. However, it is imperative to choose a suitable additional feature or roofing style to ensure you can enjoy sunny and rainy weather. You can also install pergolas with waterproof treatment which can prove to be a perfect addition for any sudden summer storm.

Pergola with rain protection installed in home in Melbourne

Note: For standard pergolas without additional features, we recommend adding an extra curtain or layer for overall protection against rain.

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Pergola Roof Type

The type of roof you select will determine whether or not your pergola can resist rain and sustain heavy winds. Most homeowners prefer installing a pergola with a louvred roof that typically features aluminium, slanted rafters. These rafters can be adjusted based on your preference. For instance, if you feel sudden ample sunlight, you can change the adjustment basis suitability and ensure minimum sun exposure. Similarly, you can refer to this adjustment during rainfall.

If you notice a sudden change in weather, you can close off the rafters to ensure no rain slips through slates and enjoy the company around. Another benefit of choosing louvred roof pergolas is that you don’t have to deal with accumulated rainwater because of the built-in draining system. However, this feature is completely optional and depends on your preference. Hence, a louvred roof pergola is the best option for rain protection.

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Maintaining Once Its Installed.

Maintaining a pergola is highly convenient. One of the prime reasons for easy maintenance is the material used, especially wood. Pergolas are constructed to easily withstand external elements throughout the year. Most materials used to build pergolas can handle heavy rains, strong winds, and extreme sunshine. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about maintaining your pergola every other day. However, we suggest occasional checks to ensure the optimal functioning of your pergolas.

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